Yassir Jamal, born in Morocco, is a renowned derbouka player. With his fast fingers and elegant way of playing percussion instruments, Yassir has attracted a large audience from all over the world.

Yassir started to play the drum when he was 11, when he learnt different rhythms and music from several nations and folklores. For eight years he played with Reggae, Flamenco, Rumba, Western, Moroccan, Egyptian, Lebanese and African Music bands. Self-taught, Yassir Jamal improved his finger technique by learning from Turkish, Indian, Persian and Cuban percussionists. These skills helped him develop a unique style to play the derbouka.

After that he decided to start playing for international belly dance artists, such as Randa Kamal, Alla Kushnir, Tito Seif, Asmahan, Dariya Mitskevitch, Alex DeLora, Marta Korzun and Yulianna Voronina among many others.

He has performed in Spain, Ukraine, Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Japan, South Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, UK and Mexico.

Yassir Jamal has produced different music albums and instructional DVDs and has recorded many exclusive tracks for belly dancers, as well as the exclusive drum solos.

He has also taught unique and creative workshops for belly dancers and drummers. His compositions and technique are used by teachers in several countries.